fail = smash egg

Avaldati 12 sept 2021
What an eggcelent video
Builders who made this possible!
Lunar Speed Launch: 4651-4357-3802 ( jstKamui )
Downed Deathrun: 0936-7086-1879 ( DummblondGaming )
Chicken Dropper: 7198-3223-5866 ( ImBlanky )
Random Death Doors Lazar: 5485-9318-2716 ( TheAweDam )
Raptor Stop: 2644-0230-0811 ( Pimit8 )

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  • something to watch while servers are down :) we used well sourced free range eggs so no chickens were harmed for this video

    • 667

    • Hi laserbeam you’re one of my favorite EEpushrs and every time I watch you would just make me feel better if you can respond to me or at least like my comment that would mean the world to me

    • We LOVE NOT HARMING CHICKENS, and ur content

    • Take revenge!!

    • Hi

  • The guy he told to smash an egg on his head got revenge

  • 10:06 hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • You ended it on 68 and not 69 very sad

  • Nothing quite like watching a grown man play fortnite while covered in eggs

  • u forgot to quote "intense lip biting" iykyk

  • If only he died one more time

  • U almost had a funny number

  • she really does hate you lmao

  • Lazar killed 68 chickens and I kill 100+ million unborn human child every day


  • I hate you

  • 1v1

  • Ok

  • Hey

  • The vegan teacher is going to scream

  • That’s one way to waste eggs!

  • Hacker

  • I can make u a havker deathrun

  • Lazar you gotta see season 8 Kevin is back. Now your gonna get more views Again

  • POV: you checked for the new season memes

  • you should have done 1 more egg to make it 69 eggs

  • Wtf

  • your just gay now

  • What a waste btw I’m Aussie to

  • You got a good hairstyle

  • LAZARBEAM=eggs Magee

  • Hello lazarbeam I don’t have much friends on Fortnite if you want to be my friend on Fortnite then my name is yeet 10000 Can you ask fresh As well

  • She's probably thinking he's an idiot

  • I like to see you suffer XD

  • I feel so bad for Lannans girlfriend. She got egg all over her hand

  • I think how to basic would be happy 😃

  • You stopped at 68 eggs... proud of you... but also very disappointed. ONE OFF

  • That was freaking awesome

  • Lazar beams humor fell off

  • 10:06

  • Where the hell is season 7 lannan?!?!?

  • How To Basic, where you at.

  • All I see is salmonella

  • Vegan teacher would be mad

  • Waste of eggs really.

  • You are the best I Just went to the movies to see free guy and it is the best because you are in it.

  • Where season 8 of Fortnight


  • one more egg and it would be 69 lol


  • Plz make a season 8 memes video plz also your the best EEpush on the app🤩🤩

  • HowtoBasic smiling rn

  • Noooo he was one egg away from getting 69 eggs

  • If you propose for her one day make a bloody bloody Epic way you do it…….get it on camera


  • Did u know, eggs are chickens p.. p.. p.. period?!

  • Theg just click baited us it was 68 eggs not 69😵

  • Nice goggles

  • lazar is best youtuber

  • Reminds me of the old days

  • We miss old rage lazar

  • Here have this like you’ve earned it

  • Hi

  • Like caddicarus would say This is the worst idea I’ve ever had!

  • 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😭😗😙😚😘🥰😍🤩🥳🤗🙃🙂🥲☺️😊😏😌😉🤭😶😐😑😔😋😛😝😜🤪🤔🤨🧐🙄😒😤😠😡🤬☹️🙁😕😟🥺😳😬🤐🤫😰😨😧😦😮😯😲😱🤯😢😥😓😞😖😣😩😫🤤🥱😴😪🌛🌜🌚🌝🌞🤢🤮🤧🤒🤕🥴😵🥵🥶😷😇🤠🤑😎🤓🥸🤥🤡👻💩


  • Shout out please

  • This is what we do at the Lazerbeam channel lol 😂

  • Keyboard can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • this made me so uncomfortable

  • Those eggs could of fed poor children around the world how dare you >;(

  • 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • This is the funniest thing ever 🤣

  • This was honestly hilarious

  • eggyoodness

  • How to basic will be so proud of you 😂

  • This is nostalgic ngl

  • this is why world hunger exists

  • we need to bring back the shoey's

  • usually it's the other way around lannan puts his eggs in ilsa i'm confused now

  • thats like a months worth of breakfast

  • The fascinated fork hisologically carry because drawer thankfully punch into a innate attempt. versed, kaput cowbell

  • this was eggselent ye i know not funny but i mean come on

  • What a waste. lol.

  • how to basic: >:)

  • Lazar beam:where do I go Me:bruh you won

  • His girl friend is a savage


  • 10:06 Beautiful Moments

  • Play CoD warzone, or are you afraid?

  • Nnnnnnooooooooooiiioiiiiiccccccceeee

  • the vegan teacher is crying rn


  • Hey lazar me and my dad watch your vids every time a new one comes out while we are eating tea and I just wanted to say keep up the good work, I also just started yt and I got 12 subs do u have and good tips 😁

  • Pls play fortnite

  • 1 more than 69 eggs lol

  • Best content ever. Good job Lannan

  • where is the season 8 video??!!!!!

  • spend 1m rubux again

  • Taking a shower after this would be nice

  • This is truly an eggcelent video

  • i was gonna make some eggs but this vid ruined that for me

  • The neighbors must have been like: 0_0

  • Lazer beam your letting us down